2017 Winter Problem Solving Challenge - China Regional



5th China Regional CFGL Problem Solving Challenge

Problem Solving: Think Big, Act Now

150 Participant
Aged : Grade 3-10
From YK Pao / SHSID / WFLA / Concordia / SMIC / Star River Bilingual School / Dulwich / Pinghe / Shanghai United International School / British International School / Wellington College International Shanghai etc.  More than 10 schools

Overall Grand Prize Winner


High School Level -

1st Place

2nd Place

Middle School Level -

1st Place

2nd Place

Primary School Level -

1st Place

2nd Place


Honorable Mentions -

Louisa Lou         YK Pao School (Grade 10)



Linda Zhang       Shanghai High School Intl. Div. (Grade 10)

Emily Deng         WFLA  (Grade 9)


Grace Lee           Dulwich College Shanghai (Grade 8)

Nicole Tan          The SMIC Private School (Grade 7)


Selene Xu           YK Pao School (Grade 3)

Ella Park             Dulwich College Shanghai (Grade 5)


Laurence Cai     YK Pao School (Grade 10)

Annie Wang       Wellington College  International Shanghai (Grade )

Mike Xia              Shanghai Star River Bilingual School (Grade )

Annie Yang        Shanghai Star River Bilingual  School   (Grade )

Euichuan Shin   The SMIC Private School  (Grade 7)