Center for Future Global Leaders

Formed in 2006, the Center for Future Global Leaders (CFGL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow through educational attainment and character development. 

CFGL believes that providing access to quality educational opportunities to young people of all economic and social backgrounds and fostering good character development are the key means to shaping the youth of today to become future leaders who will make lasting contributions to all sectors of society from business to government, from law to medicine, from politics to religion, from public service to the arts.

CFGL strives to achieve its stated goal by providing educational opportunities, including the sponsorship of educational programs and scholarships. More specifically, CFGL provides support to educational and leadership organizations and programs around the world, sponsors international academic competitions, funds academic scholarships, and provides mentoring programs to students and their families.

Our Programs

Investing in Student Leadership

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Academic Scholarship 

The Center for Future Global Leaders Scholarship funds annual scholarship awards to recognize high school juniors and seniors who have attained an exceptional level of academic achievement, demonstrated a strong commitment to serve their communities, and overcome hardships and disadvantages in life. To date, CFGL has awarded numerous scholarships to deserving high school students to help pay for the cost of attending college.



Mentoring Programs

The Center for Future Global Leaders sponsors a series of workshops to help students and their families navigate the local education participants in their children's educational careers by providing parents with the information they need to understand the educational system and the tools to guide their children to academic success.

● Academic Guidance and College Counseling
Providing academic and college counseling to immigrant students and families both individually and in a group setting.

● Industry Leaders Seminars
Providing career guidance and advisement to immigrant students and families both individually and in a group setting.

● Coach Mom Workshops
Sponsoring a series of education-related workshops and seminars to empower low-income and immigrant parents to become.


Our Advisory Members

Brooks Douglass.jpg

Brooks Douglass, MBA, MPA, JD.

Brooks Douglass, J.D. is a Afilmmaker, attorney and former three-term Oklahoma State Senator who has been a strong proponent of small business interests and an advocate of victim’s rights.


James W. Gustafson, Ph.D.

James W. Gustafson, Ph.D. is a founding member and President of Global Development Network Corporation (GDNC) and currently works full-time for GDNC in partnership with SDRF, a non-profit development foundation in Thailand, directing socio-economic projects in aquaculture, agriculture, agro-forestry, and education.

Van Tran.jpg

Van Thai Tran, J.D.

Van Thai Tran, J.D. is an attorney and California State Assemblyman, representing the 68th Assembly District in Orange. Assemblyman Tran currently serves in the Assembly Republican leadership as Assistant Republican Leader.


Our Affiliates and Partners


Elite Open School (EOS) is a WASC-accredited International Micro-School for children in grades 5-12, middle school and high school, delivering certified American education with cutting-edge digital curriculum and revolutionary learning environments. A sister organization of CFGL, EOS strives to provide students with a challenging academic environment that promotes personal growth and discipline, develops the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock their academic potential, and ultimately assists them in gaining admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.


Global Development Network (GDN) is a “process/broker” development organization that exists to empower grassroots organizations/leaders to bring positive changes to at-risk communities in Southeast Asia. 


KidWorks ushers hope into Orange County’s most challenging neighborhoods through life changing leadership development and academic enrichment programs while also fortifying families by engaging and supporting parents.